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Soy Peptide

Nutrimore's Soy Peptide with a small molecular weight of 1000 Daltons makes it easier to digest and be absorbed in the body meanwhile remaining excellent smell and taste.

Soy Peptide Powder Application Dietary Supplements:
1. As a valuable standalone ingredient
2. Can be added to other foods like powdered or liquid fruit juices, smoothies, yoghurt, flour for baking, batter, soups, ice creams, breakfast cereals, and milk thanks to its great solubility.
3. Can be used as a technical additive in different formulation.

Sold in 20kg Bulk Packaging.

Functionalities and Benefits How to Use REFERENCES

What are soy peptides/importance?

Soy peptides are a blend of peptides obtained from soybean after hydrolyzing its protein. Soybean (Glycine max) is the edible seed of the pea plant that belongs to the family Fabaceae native to China. Today soybean is one of the cheapest, yet richest protein sourced food consumed all over the world by both animals and humans (1).
Soybean is the only vegetable whose protein is complete: contains all the nine essential amino acids crucial for human nutrition. Soybean also is rich in fiber, contains no starch, is low in fat and free of cholesterol and saturated fat. Moreover, they are also loaded with minerals (like iron, and calcium), vitamins (like vitamins B9, and B1) and bioactive compounds (like isoflavones) that bestow numerous health benefits and make soy peptides an excellent dietary supplement (2, 3).

  1. Lowers blood lipid levels. Soy peptides have a hypolipidemic property as they have been shown to lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides. They can compete with and inhibit the enzyme that is involved in the biosynthesis of cholesterol and activate LDL (low density lipoprotein) receptors increasing the uptake of LDL in cultured liver cells. Low LDL receptors on the liver, reduce the rate of LDL absorption from the blood stream, resulting in high blood LDL levels. High cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL levels in the blood are all risk factors for the development of heart disease (4, 5).
  2. Antidiabetic benefit. Soy peptides increase glucose uptake in hepatic cells thereby increasing glucose metabolism. They have also been reported to increase the secretion of insulin and reduce fasting blood glucose levels in many experimental studies. In one study, women with gestational diabetes who consumed a diet with soy proteins for 6 weeks had significant improvements in their fasting blood glucose levels and insulin resistance compared to those that consumed a high animal protein diet (6, 7).
  3. Antihypertensive effect. Soy peptides block the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) that converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II. Angiotensin II is a vasoconstrictor: narrows blood vessels, increasing blood pressure. High blood pressure is a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease (8).  
  1. Anticancer effect. Soy peptides have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, thus they prevent oxidative stress and chronic inflammation which are all implicated in the development of cancer. They also inhibit angiogenesis (the production of new blood vessels) in cancer cells, stop their proliferation and induce apoptosis (cell death) of cancer cells as has been reported in many studies (9, 10).

Nutrimore Soy Peptide is a grade A soy peptide produced from soy protein isolate. It is a white or pale-yellow powder, packed 10kg/box, or 20kg/bag. It has a shelf life of 2 years thanks to its low moisture content (≤7.00) and good microbial properties. Besides, it is not complicated to store; in a cold dry place away from direct sunlight.
As a powdered supplement, you can consume it alone by mixing it in a glass of warm or cold water. It can also be added it to several other foods like powdered or liquid fruit juices, smoothies, yoghurt, flour for baking, batter, soups, ice creams, breakfast cereals, and milk thanks to its great solubility. It can also be blended with vitamins, proteins, vegan collagen (for that protein boost). Besides it has a great smell and taste, which will not affect its acceptability when you mix it in other foods and drinks.
As with all dietary supplements, there are no laid down/regulated doses to be consumed. Generally, people take 1 scoop spoon of powdered soy peptide or 3.5 – 5g per day.
Soy peptides are highly nutritious and healthy food supplements that are totally safe to consume. Whether you are supplementing just for general well-being or have specific needs to address as discussed above, you can never go wrong with Nutrimore Soy Peptide. So, wait no further and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of this amazing product.

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