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Egg White Peptide

Nutrimore's Egg White Peptide (Albumin Peptide) with a small molecular weight of 1000 Daltons makes it easier to digest and be absorbed in the body meanwhile remaining excellent smell and taste.

Egg White Peptide Powder is applicable in bakery, confectionary, novel food applications, medical foods, dietary supplements, functional foods and nutraceuticals.

Sold in 20kg Bulk Packaging.

Functionalities and Benefits

When separate enzymes hydrolyze egg white protein, an egg white peptide is formed, which contains several amino acids linked together and has a higher nutritional value than egg white protein. Aside from the nutritional value of egg white protein, egg white peptides have a number of features that aren't seen in amino acids or proteins.


  1. Has been shown to be effective in lowering LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol.
  2. Has been shown to lower liver fat and cholesterol.
  3. Proven to prevent oxidation in the body