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Corn Peptide

Nutrimore's Corn Peptide (Maize Peptide) with a small molecular weight of 1000 Daltons makes it easier to digest and be absorbed in the body meanwhile remaining excellent smell and taste.

Corn Peptide Powder is applicable in dietary supplements, weight management, sports supplements, general health products, functional foods, and nutraceuticals.

Sold in 20kg Bulk Packaging.

Functionalities and Benefits

The "Corn Peptide" or "Maize Peptide" and is derived from the natural food corn protein after hydrolysis and is a low molecular polypeptide.
According to the research, it has the benefits of antihypertensive, hepatoprotective, anti-obesity, antimicrobial, antioxidative, and accelerating alcohol metabolism.

It can be applied to weight management, sports nutrition, general health products, and different kinds of food products and supplements.